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I’ve always believed that making engaging science videos is more than just regurgitating facts and figures in front of a green screen. (Sorry Hank).


For me, it’s about making each video unique; taking the audience on a journey that looks and sounds awesome as well as being informative. Science and art are NOT mutually exclusive!


However, this approach takes a lot of time and effort and it's going to take more than just 'little-old-me' to make Every Think the channel I believe it can be. (Think somewhere between VSauce 3 and The Verge Science, only, British.)


I’m looking for someone to help run and grow the channel and share any rewards along the way. I need someone who lives and breathes science, loves film and shares a similar vision. You'll also need...


- Researching experience 

- Writing experience with examples (preferably science orientated)

- Producing experience

- Proactive and full of ideas for the channel

- Passionate about YouTube

- Basic filming skills would be desirable

- Good sense of humour...that's an important one!

- UK based but would consider working with someone remotely for research and writing



This role has no fixed hours and is, at present, unpaid. Think of it as a chance to get involved in something you are passionate about.


So, if you love science and YouTube then I want to hear from you.